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SIMS Nuance ShareScan Connector

SIMS Nuance ShareScan Connector

RECORDLINK products for schools are easy to use software tools that capture documents and files from various formats and save them to the SIMS document management server, just as if they were saved as linked documents from within SIMS.

RECORDLINK4ShareScan is the SIMS connector for Nuance ShareScan. Using a ShareScan enabled device and the SIMS connector, schools can scan hard copy documents directly to SIMS. Scanned documents saved to SIMS are retrievable from the school network and are typically backed up regularly with SIMS, becoming a part of the disaster recovery archive.

  • Easily save hard copy to SIMS according to the user’s SIMS permissions
  • Save documents to single and multiple students
  • Save documents to User Defined Groups and Academic Classes
  • Create database entries such as Achievements at the device
  • Add files to the Disaster Recovery Archive and SIMS audit trail
  • Save time by creating multiple database entries to Student Records
  • Create electronic workflows from paper based documents
  • Reduce administrative workload by filing and retrieving electronic files