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Added Values = Print Audit


Print auditing can be the catalyst for saving your business a significant amount on your monthly print and copy expenditure. Call us today to arrange a print audit, see how much can be saved on your existing printers, photocopiers and multifunctional devices.

Reducing your costs

Performing a print audit on your office equipment will help you understand how much usage and money is being spent and on your current print devices. Once this information has been collected and presented we can review and recommend equipment and software that meets with your actual business needs. With the right print solution it will help to enhance business processes, increase productivity and reduce overall operational costs.

What is a Print Audit?

A print audit is where specialist software is installed onto a PC within your office network. The software captures print usage by monitoring your copiers, printers and multifunction print devices. Once the software has had a reasonable amount of time to gather information about your print devices it can then produce reports showing where time and money can be saved.

Print issues, problems and troubleshooting

Whilst a print audit is primarily geared towards you understanding your print usage and overall costs, it may also highlight problem areas such as printing in colour when B&W would be adequate and or documents are produced single sided when they can be automatically double sided to save paper, filing space and postage etc..