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Leemic & Key Office – Strategic Business Partnership

Established in 1972, Leemic are a specialised supplier and service provider of Sharp and Kyocera digital multifunction printers. Accredited with the official Sharp Centre of Excellence award, our vast experience with digital imaging technologies allows Leemic and Key Office to offer the very latest multifunction printers, print management software solutions and technical support throughout the UK and Ireland.

Working together we can design and build a robust solution for your business. Whether you are a large or a small organisation we will work with you to achieve a solution that is highly productive and cost effective, we do this by communicating with you to understand your exact requirement. Our expertise, professionalism and product knowledge enables us to deliver real business benefits that help make your company more efficient.

Strategically located sales and service offices in Stockport, Falkirk and Winchester plus a national dealer network to utilise, meaning we can compete against much larger businesses and importantly still provide professional and personal service values.



Print Audit Europe is a print management company with market leading products and solutions that analyse and manage printing activity, costs and processes to provide organisations with management information to help reduce costs and improve business processes.

Together with our business partners we aim to deliver innovative best of breed solutions and service. We address the specific customer challenge of reducing costs, improving business processes and create a positive impact on the environment.

Print Audit Europe has become an industry leader in the field of managed print solutions. Print Audit software has achieved numerous awards worldwide and is backed by an organisation with a global presence. Since inception, Print Audit Europe has provided unprecedented value and technology for its partners enabling us to become the worldwide leader in print tracking and auditing software which enables organisations to analyse, reduce and recover their printing volumes and costs.


Key Office Equipment leasing – for greater flexibility

Today’s businesses are under enormous pressure to innovate in order to maintain their competitive edge. To meet this need, an ever greater number of enterprises are opting to lease the latest and best IT equipment: from telecommunications systems, to servers, notebooks and of course multifunction print devices.

What advantages can leasing offer you?

When you purchase IT equipment outright, it has a typical depreciation period of five years. Leasing accelerates the effective tax-related life cycle, allowing you to keep your technology fresh. By allowing you to introduce new systems at an earlier stage, leasing makes you more responsive to ever-changing market imperatives. This translates into far greater flexibility, not only in terms of technology but more importantly in terms of your finances.

What’s more, if you lease, you avoid tying up valuable capital. This is especially important for companies that need to maintain relatively high liquidity. Whereas previously you may have felt forced to continue to use the equipment for longer than really desirable, when you lease you are no longer tied to lengthy depreciation periods.

Another major advantage is that leasing is as good as cash when it comes to discounts, such as for early payment. This is why many companies choose to lease even when there are no tax advantages, as it enables them to negotiate with suppliers as though they are paying cash.

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